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The services we provide through our vetted and trusted Associates is better known as our Teams as a Service offering (TaaS). Through the provision of project-driven, outcome-based solutions we support clients with their projects and programmes, providing more cost effective, efficient and scalable success.


Our TaaS engagements cover all sizes of requirements from singular deployments, such as advisory or steering capacities, through to multi-discipline project teams, all provisioned as part of the ‘pop-up’ capabilities of TaaS which is a foundational element to all of our consulting services. The SLA’s our resourcing arm provides are impressive. We can stand a full team up in under 48 hours for teams of up to 10, often quicker. Where we are building capabilities beyond 10, we work to deliver in under 72-hours and all of these SLA’s are still available through the solutions business to provide a truly flexible and highly scalable project delivery solution for our clients.


CPS bolsters Capstone Recruitment’s proven talent sourcing expertise through our TaaS model, affording clients additional levels of quality and expertise in governing, managing and improving performance on an ‘as needed’ basis, irrespective of our clients’ project demands.

CPS  Project Phasing.png

Across every client engagement, irrespective of project size or scale, CPS implements aspects of our Engagement Delivery & Management (EDM) model, at the core of which is assurance and governance. This ensures client and Associate’s engagement are diligently managed, affording clients better process, efficiency and value. Our EDM provides accurate and transparent reporting against outcomes, targets, project status, supplier performance, risks and budgetary impact. A dedicated Engagement Delivery Manager is assigned to each project for continuity, visibility and effectiveness. The EDM model intrinsically links and wraps around the solutions we provide by supporting and bolstering the Associates and teams we deploy. 


Every project and service we provide goes through the above 5-step process, all of which is directed and managed by the EDM. This enables common points of reference, project needs and risk points to be well captured and documented, allowing our Associates and Clients to focus on delivering. It also provides a clear and established communication, reporting and escalation framework.

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