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CPS’s Project Delivery services are designed squarely with project execution in mind. Our delivery services support clients across the whole breadth of delivery activities and include project, programme, cost and risk associated undertakings. Additionally we provide document control capabilities within our delivery practice as a critical area for compliance and project performance success. We understand the scaling and efficiency challenges clients face in executing projects on time and on budget. Our offering affords clients with an end-to-end level of service coverage, providing single and multi-discipline project teams, designed to flex as your project does. 

All of the above management capabilities are backed up and governed by a dedicated client aligned EDM who will work seamlessly to ensure performance and effectiveness or our Associates against our clients goals.


Ensuring better visibility and accuracy

At CPS we understand that effective project and programme management is our clients’ highest priority. We work hard to ensure that we fully understand requirements and expectations, around which we then define and execute the right plan.

We create manageable, controlled and transparent delivery programmes that delivers the highest levels of results and add value. Our outcome-driven TaaS delivery model expertise includes assessing and overhauling failing programmes, designing and delivering end-to-end programmes and conducting programme assurance reviews.


Providing expertise

At CPS, we work with clients to execute exceptional contract administration and management services. Our Contract Administration service focuses on the planning and execution of contracts, including sourcing potential contracting partners, negotiating with prospective partners over contractual terms and performance expectation. Our Contract Management service occurs after a contract has been executed and taken effect, working to ensure that the terms and conditions contained within the contract are adhered to and that all of a party’s contractual obligations are met satisfactorily, yet necessitating modifications to the contract agreement through a sound contract change process.


Embedding robust controls 

At CPS, we support clients to deliver exceptional project control processes that encompasses the resources, procedures, and tools for the planning, monitoring, and controlling of all phases of the capital project lifecycle. This includes estimating, cost and schedule management, risk management, change management, earned value progressing, and forecasting. Document Control systems are embedded to ensure technical documents are stored and shared correctly to avoid project confusion and mistakes.

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