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Construction workers on work site

Within Surveying, CPS focus on providing Building, Quantity, Stock Condition, Home Buyer Reports and Valuation Surveying services to our clients. These services are designed to provide clients with on-demand, utility driven surveying expertise, either single discipline (for instance undertaking Home Buyers Reports) or as multi-discipline teams for larger surveying requirements.

CPS’s Surveying services are designed to support clients with the scale and flex challenges surveying activities create due to their demand driven nature. We have developed a utility driven, on-demand model whereby we can either undertake surveying activities through an ‘as needed’ flexible model where we will provide augmented services to your existing surveying capabilities or an inclusive ‘outcome owned’ engagement whereby we act as a extension of your surveying capability and manage all facets of scheduling, assessment, validation and quality of surveys we deliver.


Residential and commercial

STOCK CONDITION SURVEY - Assesses the property’s condition, risks, urgent defects and any possible legal issues. Report provides a very simple traffic light report using RAG status.

HOMEBUYER REPORT - As per the Stock Condition Survey plus defects that might affect the property with advice on urgent repairs and maintenance. Can include a market valuation and cost to rebuild the property.

BUILDINGS SURVEYS - As per HomeBuyer Report but with more detail around seemingly minor issues which may become costly to repair in the future as well as detail around condition of the roof, timber defects and internal and external areas.


A pivotal role in client projects

CPS’ Quantity Surveying and Cost Management services play a pivotal role in client’s construction projects. We work with clients to ensure that objectives are met through the delivery of an effective cost-management service from feasibility, pre-contract negotiations, tendering and procurement, through to completion and handover.


We work collaboratively with clients across all aspect of quantity surveying and cost management whilst identifying and mitigating risks, to deliver projects within budget.


Providing expertise

At CPS, we work with clients to protect the interests of those parties who have a financial interest in a construction project but who have no direct involvement in the build process. Typically we work with lenders, owners, investors and developers. In essence, we monitor the progress of the project, and provide evidence leading to the client to approve the drawdown of funds.

Drawing on the experience of building surveying, construction project management and cost management, we undertake a range of activities that reduce the short term financial risk and seek to ensure the long term benefit of the completed asset.

Our Surveying practice utilises only RICS regulated professionals through our innovative TaaS model and can be provided in single or multi-discipline capacities, further backed up and governed by a dedicated EDM to ensure performance and effectiveness against our clients goals.

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